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Goal/Project-based instruction will offer each student specific and targeted advice to help move him or her closer to a decided goal. 


Rather than continuous weekly lessons, students create small, achievable goals to accomplish over a series of a few sessions. Exercises and tasks will be created for the individual student to complete, and then work on in their own time. After a brief period of working and practicing on their own, students may return to instructed lessons to move forward with their goal, or begin a new one. Below are some examples of projects and areas of focus in which students can engage: 

Performance preparation  

An upcoming solo show, recording session, choir performance, recital, 


Audition Preparation

For TV reality shows, Musical Theatre, Choir Audition, BA/BFA programs in vocal jazz performance


Addressing an issue

Developing range, increasing power, diminishing break, better breath use, blending, matching pitch, minimizing accent.


Artistic Development

Repertoire and Key suggestions, Increasing visibility as an artist, developing media must-have’s. In-studio instruction. 



Theory, Ear training, sight-singing, improvisation.     



Simple beginning techniques for developing ease, efficiency and range. 



The invention of the microphone led jazz singers to develop an intimate singing technique. With no more need for projection, singers will learn how to smooth out their vocal registers and sing with a 'mixed' voice. In addition, lessons will concentrate on individual expression, lyrical and melodic interpretation, musicianship, and improvisation. Basic band-leading and arranging skills will be covered as well as creating a large repertoire book of memorized songs transposed to your key. The student will become not just a song stylist, but a confident musician. 


The focus of lessons in the pop vocal category serves mainly as a workshop for the performance of your own material. Here, students will focus on performance and artistic growth. Singers/songwriters will address and overcome complications arising from the difficulty of singing and accompanying themselves. Original sings will be workshopped for lyrics, chord progressions and arrangement. Singing techniques will address problems caused by dominance of chest voice common in popular singing styles. Techniques and preparation specific to anticipation of a recording session are also offered.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre lessons focus on audition prep for school and community musicals, and also long-term development of a healthy and impressive singing style. Musical theatre-focused singers should strive for either a very versatile singing voice or a healthy and consistent idiosyncratic voice. Lessons will focus on developing proficiency in all vocal registers. Traditional (legit) to contemporary musical theatre repertoire will be taught along with acting in this focus. Students will hone performance skills that will lead to successful auditions and performances. 

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